Brazil - Brazil: 200 million people, twice as large as 2nd...

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Brazil: 200 million people, twice as large as 2 nd biggest country in LA 2 nd largest African population in the world 1888 Slavery ended “racial democracy”—still has some segregation Colonialism with Portugal Much later did Brazil receive independent—speak Portuguese Started off as a commodity exporter—coffee 1930-54: Nationalist/ Populist Phase under Vargas winds down leading to military dictatorship 1964-85: Military Dictatorship stepped in after ISI creates an authoritarian government with argument that they’re the only ones who can advance the economy by maintaining order had little threats so foreign policy was focused on hard security—labor, political control, and economic development “Bureaucratic Authoritative Regime”—be able to support investments and development, but with regulation very successful As a Nationalist government, was able to get involved in 3 rd World Solidarity movements —leader of the NIEO (60-70s) 1970-80s: Carter admin talked about Cuban Rights, caused disagreements mixed relationship with the US 1982: Brazil gets hit with debt has to shift priorities and government loses some legitimacy halted payments on loans, renegotiated IMF loans have an interesting relationship with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if you don’t have nuclear weapons, agree to never develop them 8/9 countries have them, should Brazil sign on?
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Or if they care about autonomy should they develop them? Signed treaty in 1990s—for their own benefits, being a participant in the world
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Brazil - Brazil: 200 million people, twice as large as 2nd...

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