Bush II, Obama, and Latin America

Bush II, Obama, and Latin America - Bush II Obama and Latin...

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Bush II, Obama, and Latin America 21 st century Cold War was over and Central America’s civil wars had given way to peaceful settlements; OAS was gaining authority and respect Presidential campaign of 2000, Republican candidate George W. Bush of Texas earnestly vowed that he would not ignore Latin America, but make it a fundamental commitment However 9/11 changed all of that—antiterrorist campaign affected every item on the US- Latin American agenda-migration, trade, and drug trafficking—this would be a time of geopolitics US focused on Al-Qaeda and bin Ladden whose ultimate intention was the formation of a pan-Islamic theocratic state, one that would uphold religious tradition and assert itself as a major world power Bush pledged that the war on terror would not stop until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated American public stood firmly behind him Bush administration designed a multifaceted strategy Formation of a multilateral alliance against terrorism and/ or Al-Qaeda and/ or Afghanistan’s Taliban regime Bombing began on October 7 By December 2011, US-led coalition was able to patch together an interim government under the moderate leadership of Karzai But ousting Al-Qaeda proved to be the hardest War on terror led to fundamental revisions in US military doctrine—US must be prepared to strike first US began building a rationale for attacking Iraq, a so called axis of evil Began hinting that Saddam Hussein was working hand in glove with bin Ladden and further that Iraq was developing WMDs in violation of the UN Early in 2003, US diplomats urged the UN Security Council to authorize military action against Iraq France, China, and Russia threatened to veto the measure, while other countries, including Chile and Mexico—expressed opposition to the war resolution and urged more time for UN inspection teams Bush admin. Decided to bypass the UN—and with a “coalition of the willing” the US attacked In 2003, US troops invaded Iraq and “won” but were met with determined violent
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Bush II, Obama, and Latin America - Bush II Obama and Latin...

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