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DRUGS:DRUG WARS - DRUGS Political instability weakness...

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DRUGS: Political instability/ weakness Economic instability Cultural/social behavior International forces ALL LEAD TO DRUG TRAFFICKING US: thinks about drugs as a criminal behavior, breaking the law Can think about it in economic terms Growing coca—makes more money than other commodities Can think about it as a public health issue Addiction should be treated like alchol and tobacco But thinks about it in terms of the political left using drugs—governemnts and guerillas History: 160 years ago Mexican border was open 1919—Prohibition in US have success of alcohol and drugs getting into the US opium from Asia—try to keep it out from Mexican border WWII—US buys coca from Peru for medicinal use Cold War—meant another kind of security issue was more important than drugs Anti-war movement used drugs Returning troops from Vietnam were addicted to drugs 60s/70s—work together with Latin America to keep drugs out ever since have used militarization to keep drugs out 70/80s—ever since we have gone after supply, but hasn’t worked if successful, drugs would be more expensive, less pure, and there would be less availability
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Goal—Suppress production of illegal drugs: 1. Elimination of the sources of supply destroying crops 2. Interdiction of shipments bound for the US conducting surveillance at the border Under Reagan and Bush, declared “war on drugs” Justification was drugs were becoming a matter of national security But never focused on curbing the demand in the US—should have implemented education and public health movement US used “certification”—each year assessed if countries were doing enough to eradicate drugs If they passed, they were certified and received aid and funding and our support in multilateral treaties But by US “certifying” countries, makes them the judge of other people’s sovereignty
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DRUGS:DRUG WARS - DRUGS Political instability weakness...

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