Immigration - Immigration: Push+ Pulldeterrence= likelihood...

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Immigration: Push+ Pull—deterrence= likelihood of migrating Pushed to leave because of factors against them, then think about new opportunities and is pulled, and then thinks about how hard it will be to get there (deterrence) If you believe this, as a US person, need either to decrease pushes, or increase deterrence and make push and pulls smaller Currently all American foreign policy on immigration is DETERRENCE Major PULL to go to the US is jobs, wages, democracy, family, American culture (freedom, “Hollywood”, American Dream), social mobility/equal opportunity, education, social services PUSH—lack of PULLS Poverty, unemployment, bad social services, “Hollywood”, American dream—is kind of a myth—we have the smallest social mobility, Britain has way better chances to socially succeed and move—but we continue to sell these dreams in movies, and promoting myths and ideas about our culture leads to these 3 rd world citizens come running Natural disasters Wars, civil violence Have to make the US so miserable that people don’t want to come according to this policy Maybe better to increase foreign aid and development because it could be in our interest in the long run—but will this be accepted politically? Having 12 million undocumented workers—all together—is a net negative—it is not good for the US 3 Types of Immigrants: undocumented, illegal citizens—may have entered legally, but where denied citizenship: roughly 12 million Legal Immigrants—come here with a variety of reasons: visas, variety of ways—less than a million entering a year—we accept refugees and grant asylum, but we do not give economic asylum What’s wrong with this immigration policy? What if something about US policy is affecting pushes or pulls Nothing about history, international structures,
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Assumes a person just woke up and decided to move away from pushes—BUT WHY ARE THERE PULLS? Assumes individual decision, so policy should be changing of behavior US economic policy, need for cheap food, Gun policy and sales, underground drug purchases—NEED TO CHANGE SYSTEM—not individuals 1930s: Economic Crisis caused backlash towards foreigners thousands deported back to Mexico that had claims to Western areas of the US 1940s: US set up formal work programs because needed laborers, because men were fighting in the war guest work program 1943-1964 paid them just enough to house them in barracks 1950s—another xenophobic sentiment—more about politics, where in the 30s it was economics—we got into a national security red scare period
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Immigration - Immigration: Push+ Pulldeterrence= likelihood...

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