Mexico - Mexico 1500-1800 300 yearsconquered by...

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Mexico: 1500-1800: 300 years—conquered by Spain (conquistadoras), conquered indigenous people and then began integrating into a new people different than invasion and then being conquered Spanish set up land owning reforms—gives Spanish land holders power to send commodities back to Spain Mexican peasants are sent into mines to extract gold and silver to be sent back to Spain This prohibited industrial development and the burnt down textile factories Structures holding power Landholders, military and Catholic Church Church holds huge amount of land, mobilize wealth and labor to build churches Galeano would claim they forever have been prevented from developing because of imperialism and power structures Sowell would claim Spanish alleviated them from the conflict that was occurring in the country, including human sacrifice—brought modernization and capitalism Early 1800s—asserts “independence” Existing elite negotiated a break from Spain, where no social changes would occur, elite still held power 1820s—Mexico is larger in land than US, have same populations of around 5 million GDP is half of US’s—economic development is half Mexico moving forward is already at a disadvantage Differences in Development: US had better connections with Europe—geography US had a clean break from Europe, which allowed them to industrialize without unfair competition Mexico is still exporting agricultural commodities and not industrializing
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War between US-Mexico—leads to land lost for Mexico and resources Behavior?—Catholic church inhibited development, hierarchical structures Military leadership fosters bad leaders Mexico’s foreign policy was always influenced by the notion of outsiders ruling them
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Mexico - Mexico 1500-1800 300 yearsconquered by...

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