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Reagan Years - Reagan Years Reagans greatest regret was not...

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Reagan Years Reagan’s greatest regret was not convincing the US population how much Central America could be threat to national security Gene Fitzpatrick Totalitarian- not vulnerable to change, no democratic policy, stubborn Authoritarian- govts could simply just be a govt that is not democratic, vulnerable to change Difference is we could be allies with El Salvador because the can evolve into a democracy Nicaragua cant be allies with because they’re not capitalist, can’t evolve Reagan’s Strategy- To end communist presence in El Salvador and Nicaragua Fund Islamic rebellions against the Soviet Union Topple the Sandinistas in Nicaragua Pour military aid into El Salvador to combat a Marxist inspired rebellion FMNL US govt gave $1 million a day to El Salvador govt to support them Why Reagan is interested in Nicaragua and El Salvador Nicaragua could serve as a Soviet military base close to the US The Sandinistas wanted to spread revolution through Central America Americans struggled to believe that a tiny country could pose a serious threat to US security 1982- Boland Amendment prohibited the use of US funds for the purpose of overthrowing the Nicaraguan govt
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Decades of poverty and dictatorship triggered the chaos in Central America, which threatened to undermine the US domination of that region Four deeply religious women who worked among El Salvador’s poor were raped and murdered by US financed and trained Salvadoran National Guard Challenges to US control in Latin America Central American rebellions Latin American debt crisis Threatened to bring down some of the most powerful banks in the US IRCA- Immigration Reform (1986), Reagan signed
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