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POL 419 Paper-Project Proposal For the paper-project, I would like to study the effects of sprawl on civic health. Despite research, millions of Americans have moved into developments and as we have discussed in class, many researchers believe that this has a negative effect on civic engagement. After viewing the film Subdivided , I want to examine the measureable social problems that sprawl encompasses and what could be possible solutions to fixing these problems. Of these problems I want to focus on how sprawl diminishes civic life and increases social inequality. In researching the negative affects of sprawl I will use Robert Putnam’s ideas on suburban sprawl as a direct indicator of decreased social capital and civic engagement. Putnam believes that as a result of sprawl, people have to spend much
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Unformatted text preview: more time in the car traveling to work, to shop, and to reach other destinations, that there is much less time to participate in groups or become involved in other facets of the community. Also, I will use ideas from Thad Williamson’s Sprawl, Justice, and Citizenship: the Civic Costs of the American Way of Life to see concrete statistical data of the consequences of sprawl and use his solutions to determine possible remedies for the future. In terms of social inequities and how sprawl isolates different types of Americans I will use Bill Bishop’s The Big Sort . I hope to use these three academics as resources to understand the different reasons sprawl negatively impacts civic life and what I find to be the most successful and reasonable resolutions....
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