final part 1 - How did Washington King and Malcolm X each...

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How did Washington, King, and Malcolm X each sought to revive or transform America’s founding principles? Did each try to preserve or revive these principles or did they actually seek to replace them. Founding Principles from Declaration of Independence, writings from Jefferson, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, or Puritan thought. I will argue that Washington and King were proponents of reviving and extending the founding American principles, whereas Malcolm X sought to bring about a new set of principles that derived from Black Nationalism and new theories of how to assert rights. I will argue that Booker T. Washington wanted to revive America’s founding principles. He avidly believed that America was a country where democracy and he power to vote allowed full citizen participation. Washington has often been criticized for being an accommodationist, but in my opinion, he was a realist who understood that change and political action would be a long and difficult process. He instead believed that African Americans should work towards realistic ends that would enhance their daily lives. He believed in a “go-slow” approach, and believed that Southern blacks would to accept sacrifices of potential political power, civil rights and higher education. His belief was blacks should concentrate all their energies on industrial education, accumulation of wealth. He believed in industrial education that provided critical skills for the jobs then available in the south. He realized some civil rights were not going to be gained and blacks should concentrate on economic security. Blacks would thus accept segregation and discrimination, but their eventual acquisition of wealth would gradually win for them the respect and acceptance of the white community. This would break down the races and lead to equal citizenship for blacks in the end. He said we could be as separate as the
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final part 1 - How did Washington King and Malcolm X each...

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