final part 2 - Have American feminists remained within the...

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Have American feminists remained within the liberal tradition, or have they sought to transform American political thought in ways that go beyond liberalism? Liberalism is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights. Emma Goldman in “The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation” does not call for social reorganization, and believes that superficial equalization of human beings does not mean peace or harmony between the sexes. She goes beyond the traditional notions of liberalism, and advocates anarchism, or a departure from restraints of power. She believes that women need to emancipate from emancipation in order to truly be free. Goldman believes that the initial movement to assert equality was noble, but now the ends which have been achieved aren’t the ones they wanted. Although women gained suffrage in a few states, she has yet to achieve it socially. Women now no longer receive respect at home, but in the workplace she is worked to death and it is no wonder why women accept their first offer of marriage sick and tired of their “independence” behind the counter at the sewing or typewriter machine. “Our highly praised independence is but a slow process of dulling and stifling woman’s nature, her love instinct, and her mother instinct. Goldman believes that it would be more worthwhile for women to begin with inner regeneration. “The demand for equal rights is just and fair; but the most vital right is the
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final part 2 - Have American feminists remained within the...

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