Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Class a large group of people with...

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Chapter 2: Class: a large group of people with similar economic attributes that shape their lifestyles and life chances Economic development—changes over time in an economy that enhance its productive capacity and improve society’s prosperity Globalization—the process of increasing connections in the areas of economics, communications, technology, and politics Marx: o Viewed class as being about HOW money was made rather than about HOW MUCH money was made o Mode of production—the type of economic system based on methods of production, patterns of property ownership, and relations between workers and owners Cornerstone of nay understanding of society and government o Different modes of production correspond to different patterns of control over the “means of production” the individual businesses, factories, and other entities that produce goods, as well as the machines and other inputs used to produce them The wealth capitalism generates and the subsequent inequality in wealth between classes are key to understanding economics, social relations, and politics o 2 main classes in capitalist society: the bourgeoisie and proletariat bourgeoisie—individuals who own the means of production proletariat—individuals who use the means of production in their work but do not own them bourgeoisie exploit the proletariat by paying workers far less than the value of their work this surplus value is an important component of the profits that the bourgeoisie receive from production o today bourgeoisie = middle class and proletariat = working class
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Class a large group of people with...

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