Ch 19 - Married couples Enjoyable activities, togetherness,...

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Ch 19: Rituals in our personal relationships Defining the concept of rituals Repetitive, symbolic behaviors/practices shared by members of a relationship Routines that have symbolic meaning Eating breakfast, washing dishes Any routine or behavioral pattern can become a ritual when it is viewed as relationally or symbolically significant Rituals – communicative enactments that pay homage to a person/object which is sacred Types of rituals Family rituals Celebrations Created and enacted in conjuction with more standardized culture celebration – such as holidays, rites of passage Thanksgiving, new years, weedings, funerals, sweet 16 Traditions Idiosyncratic to each family; less culturally influenced Created to serve a special need/solve problems Family vacations, reunions, birthdays Patterened family interactions The least deliberate; most covert Organize daily life; routines Dinner time, bed time, night/morning routines, table seats
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Unformatted text preview: Married couples Enjoyable activities, togetherness, escape episodes Favorites, private codes, play rituals, celebrations Daily routines & tasks Intimacy expressions Communication rituals Patterns, habits, mannerisms Spiritual rituals Friendships Enojable activities, getting together, established events, escape episodes Celebration, play rituals, favorites Communication rituals Share, support, vent rituals Tasks & favors Patterns, habits, mannerisms The role of rituals why are they important? Connect, be together Positive development of individuals & families Lack of pattern = relational dissatisfaction Intergenerational bonds in families Transmit values, attitudes, beliefs related to family strength Family cohesion Shared understanding of whats important in a friendship Sustain and maintain rituals Make married life easier, provide organization, define roles...
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Ch 19 - Married couples Enjoyable activities, togetherness,...

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