CHAPTER 7 - Your intentions and attitudes as you listen and...

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COM336 Remove the physical barriers to listening Close the door to the classroom Focus on the speaker’s main idea Find out what their main purpose is Listen for the intenet and content of the messages Why is this person saying this? Give the other person full hearing Let the person finish Meanings are in people, not in words Try to overcome emotional reactions Concentrate on the other person as a communicator and a human being Listen with all your senses, not just your ears There are 2 basic things that help determine the effectiveness of your help
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Unformatted text preview: Your intentions and attitudes as you listen and give a response The actual phrasing of your response Intentions underlying the responses Advising & evaluating Analyzing & interpreting Reassuring & supporting Questioning & probing Paraphrasing & understanding Phrasing an accurate understanding approach Content The actual words used Depth Degree to which receiver matches depth of sender Meaning Complete a sentence/thought for the sender Response to ideas sender has Interpreting significance of message Language Keep it simple...
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