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Cognitive Development - Cognitive Development Piagets...

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Cognitive Development Piaget’s preoperational stage – spends a lot of time talking about what children CAN’T do (children learn this all of their own) o CAN thing about the past and the future o Can’t use operations Operation: an action internalized as a symbol (an advancement of symbolic representation) that can be reversed and coordinated (what you can do with that when it’s there, they can manipulate it in their mind) Need operations for math, language, logic o Conservation- the distinct between preoperational and concrete operational (next stage) Identity concept: something has an identity. If you change the shape, it still has the same identity o In preoperational stage, they won’t understand that the quantity of the “milk in tall cup” didn’t change o In operational stage, they’ll understand that the volume stays the same o Children at preoperational stage don’t understand that things can be reversed: irreversibility o Centration: focusing on the most glaring, obvious aspect of something (preoperational) o Static thinking: looking at something and only focusing on one aspect, they can only focus on the outcome o Transductive reasoning The tendency to believe that if 2 things happen simultaneously, they are causally related Children don’t do either of these: Deductive reasoning: applying something general to something smaller Inductive reasoning: starting with something small and trying to generalize it to more things Both types are susceptible to problems If a child sees a dad pick up a briefcase before they go to work, they would think that the briefcase is the reason dad goes to work. Could take briefcase and think
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Cognitive Development - Cognitive Development Piagets...

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