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Physical Development - Physical Development Early childhood...

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Physical Development “Early childhood” o Age 3 to about 7 o Children grow approximately 3 inches and 4 pounds per year o Body fat is decreased by 12% o A lot of brain development Left side of brain tends to develop first (age 2 or 3) Right side develops around age 4 or 5 (more organization in the brain, now both halves are on the “same page”) At age 5, brain is 75-90% the size of the brain of an adult o Myelination, especially of the prefrontal cortex continues into adolescence Prefrontal Cortex is involved in many cognitive and regulatory behaviors Logic and reasoning, etc. Executive functioning o Goal setting o Inhibiting inappropriate responses Better able to regulate their urges Control over impulses o Working memory The memory that we have in long term memory and the information we need to complete a task working together at the same time You need to remember something (a recipe) to be able to cook a meal. You need conscious functions in case something goes wrong Using short term and long term memory together We’re always using working memory Impaired development of the prefrontal cortex Increased in violence o If you can’t inhibit urges, you act on your urges to act violently (hit someone, kill someone, etc.) Social skills o If you’re the type of person who is rude, violent, etc. people wont want to be around you Moral reasoning o Bad at it Goal setting o Bad at it Planning for the future
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o Bad at it o This brain development (brain organizing + myelination of the pre-frontal cortex) occurs right before students go to school o Around this time, we also see development of the limbic system
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Physical Development - Physical Development Early childhood...

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