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Presentation #2 Rhetoric and Everyday Life Due Dates: (April 5-12) Assignment: The point of this assignment is to demonstrate that you understand the notion of rhetoric by identifying an example of rhetorical practice and discussing its meaning and importance. You will do this by applying the concepts and principles of rhetoric we have been discussing in class. Assignment: Develop a 5-7 minute presentation in which you discuss how rhetoric is used in everyday life. Analyze your particular example of rhetoric using the key ideas/concepts/principles we have been discussing in class. For your example, you may focus on a particular type of communication such as mass communication, or a specific industry such as advertising, or a social/political movement such as the “tea party” protests, or the civil rights movement. You can also choose an important political, cultural,
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Unformatted text preview: economic, or social event such as the media’s reporting of the Mayoral race in Chicago, or an important historical event such as the invention of the printing press. Specifics: Research a minimum of five sources to “build” your presentation. The following sources are required: o Two books o One article from an academic database such as “ Academic Search Premier .” Submit an MLA style annotated bibliography of your sources (typed) at the beginning of class, April 5. Cite each source at least once in the presentation by the name of the author and the publication, for example, “Jane Smith stated in her book Progress in the Modern Age …” The presentation should be no less than 5 minutes and no more than 7 minutes . Speakers will be stopped after 7 minutes and 30 seconds....
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