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Semester Evaluation - Empathy for Individuals and Groups:...

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Unformatted text preview: Empathy for Individuals and Groups: Empathy= put yourself in someone elses situation o Materials, resources. o Meet individuals needs better. o Cultural o Ex. Cargo shipment that was placed above reef barrier. Bogota o Mayor focused the sustainability of the city through the sustainability of urban form. o Fast growing city lacked social and ecological systems o Bogota started focusing on social capital o Murder rate dropped from 70 percent as a result o Approach on economic development failed o Japaneses form proposal for 7 highways was turned down o Restriction on automobiles in order to further his approach at focusing on social capital o Focus on public transit system copied from Brazils. o Refocus on the people for the long term. o Mayor no longer wanted to spend the citys money in solely benefiting the 15% o With accessibility to public transit for more of the population, leads to personal sustainability by saving them commuting time and money. o New design focus on safety= sidewalks, pedestrian only hours, green public space o Bogotas social organization becomes more cohesive o Changing the city form helped improve the citizens lives. Creativity= reducing waste, using existing frameworks Participation= at all levels, meeting local needs first Multimodal approach= to everything Focus on empathy and happiness= including future generations. Barcelona Model City, capital and dominant city. Small pop and land area. Mediterranean city, urban form= compact, complex, well organized, gastronomy. Tourism has been a backbone of the economy. Reinvention, recycling of existing space= opposite of urban sprawl. Importance on environment and sustainable growth through infrastructure and preservation. Social cohesion= complex, compact, accessible and creative. The successful development of a decaying city depends on taking a less fragmented approach. Cohesion amongst architects, landscapers and designers of street lighting and furniture. Urban Acupuncture= when theres a comprehension approach to respond to an urban condition with a series of small architectural interventions. o Spains acupuncture was the 140 small projects in the 80s provided more piazzas and better housing, routes, schools and hospitals. o Crime rates fell by 40 percent in a decade. o PROVCIVESA was the company that designed to fix up poor areas. Barcelona focused on tourism and thus helped revive its urban area by making the most out of its historic assets. Seized the opportunity to host the Olympics. Barcelonas triumph began as a democratic exercise in the dying days of Franco. Used private money for their waterfront....
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Semester Evaluation - Empathy for Individuals and Groups:...

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