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PAD4393 Final Exam Review

PAD4393 Final Exam Review - Final Exam Review Mitigation o...

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Final Exam Review Mitigation: o Benefits of Mitigation Strategy: Lessens the community’s vulnerability to disasters Creates a new and effective planning tool Supports more effective post-disaster decision making Speeds the return of the impacted community to normalcy Facilitates receipt of post-disaster state and federal funding Educates and informs the community (3) Factors to consider in selecting Mitigation Initiatives: o Technical merit Capability to avoid repetitive damage Effectiveness in damage reduction o Cost effectiveness Development and operating costs Avoided damage costs Overall cost effectiveness o Acceptability Public acceptability Environmental impact Permitting restrictions HMGP= Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Historical and Cultural Resources o What qualifies as a historical property: Historic properties are typically 50 years or older and include buildings, structures, sites, objects, and districts Significance to history Architecture, archaeology, landscapes, engineering, and culture Reflections of contributions to history or the lives of significant persons in our history.
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