Review Media and Politics test 1

Review Media and Politics test 1 - Review: Media and...

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Review: Media and Politics Test #1 3 Important Aspects of a Story: o Characters o Involved in conflict o Judge the story in the sense of the stakes Function of a Newspaper in a Democracy o To inform the people of what their government is doing, by so it constraints the government from abusing its powers. o “prefer newspapers without government”- Jefferson o Media- gives free debate amongst ideas, operate objectively. 4 main Functions of a Newspaper: o Market place of ideas - problem with this is, if you allow free exchange of ideas, we give into the stronger side proposed. Debate prevents people from knowing really what’s going on. o Voice of public opinion - problem with this is, what if people don’t have any opinions? o Surveillance - “everyday, here is what is happening” o Public watchdog - what the press wants to do but isn’t always the case. Has observational problems The height of this function was: During the Nixon administration, Watergate scandal. The Washington Post showed Nixon had obstructed and abused his power as president. It was not until Congress took action that Nixon then stepped down from the presidency. This showed how Newspapers can only alert, and then it is up to the government to take action to matters. Sedition Act o passed around 1800 during Adams administration o Federalist controlled Congress and the White House. o It came about because republican newspapers criticized Adams about the handling of tensions with France. o In response to the act, republican newspapers increased in numbers. View of the Free Press Prior to 1733 o A free press may criticize the government and important elements of society which breeds instability, thus it can be seen as a negative. o Under British Common Law, Zenger is guilty because he criticized the government side breech because of a higher principle, if the government is corrupt and doing bad things then the people should know about it.
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Review Media and Politics test 1 - Review: Media and...

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