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Film-Chapter 6 Some film numbers: o The average American watches 5 movies (at the theater). o Frequent moviegoer (10% of the moviegoer population)= I per month or more Goals of movie pioneers o Making movies to invent, and out of curiosity. o Later it became that people wanted to make movies for money and entertainment. Early film industry people o Muybridge Created 1 st motion picture machine: Zoopraxiscope (1877) A rich guy made a bet that there is a point where the horse lifts all feet off the ground. o Edison Kinetoscope (1891), took 40 photographs a second Used to film all types of theatrical performances, a sort of peep show device. He also built the first motion picture studio It had an open roof and revolved to follow the sun so the performers being filmed would always be illuminated, completed films were not projected, they were run through a kinetoscope. o Lumiere Brothers Cinematographe (1895), device that both photographed and projected action. Their initial screenings demonstrated that people would sit in a darkened room to watch motion pictures projected on a screen, they envisioned great wealth in their ability to increase the number of people who could simultaneously watch a movie. o Melies French filmmaker often called the “First Artist of the Cinema” He brought narrative to the medium, movies that told a story. Use of multiple camera shots, showed things from more than one perspective. Took one shot, stopped the camera, moved it, took another shot, and so on. o Porter “The Great Train Robbery” (1903), first Western. First movie to use editing, intercutting of scenes, and a mobile camera. Montage- tying together two separate but related shots in such a way that they took on a new, unified meaning. o Griffith The Birth of a Nation (1915) Silent movie in black and white. Controversial because of the racist content Became very popular in spite, made a positive impact= those who disagreed were encouraged to make more positive movies. What are nickelodeons? o First movie houses that had as many as 100 seats. o The price of administration was one nickel, hence the name. The MPPC o Stands for: Motion Picture Patents Company o Founded by: Edison o Nickname: “The Trust” o What was it about: United the 10 biggest production companies (centered in NY).
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Ruled it with an iron fist and enforced the standards, agreed upon all 10 companies, amongst the entire industry. o Reaction of independent companies: They didn’t want to obey the organization’s standards. So they moved west and became what is known as “Hollywood”, the new studio system. Early movie industry
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MMC2000_notes_exam 3 - Film-Chapter 6 Some film numbers o...

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