PAD4936 Quiz #1 Review

PAD4936 Quiz #1 Review - Review for Quiz#1 Chapter 1 Page 1...

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Review for Quiz #1 Chapter 1 Page 1 know the definitions and numbers o A disaster can be defined as an emergency of such severity and magnitude that the combination of deaths, injuries, and property damage cannot be effectively managed with routine procedures or resources. Focus on disasters that are a threat in FL o Don’t have to focus on FL o Sadly FL is a dangerous place to live so that means a lot Different types of scales and what they measure o Hurricanes are rated on a 1 to 5 scale, known as the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Chapter 2 Why are local public health authorities so important? o Have the primary responsibility for the health of a community following a disaster. Section on personnel. Who should be in charge and why? o The responsibility of disaster preparedness should be assigned to someone who has the organizational authority to ensure an adequate level of preparation. Otherwise, the effort may be less than optimal, because the designated individual lacks authority to delegate tasks to the proper offices and personnel. Chapter 3
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PAD4936 Quiz #1 Review - Review for Quiz#1 Chapter 1 Page 1...

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