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1. Commitment 2. The pre BCR checkpoint Receptor Editing Deletion Analogy 3. Tolerance (control) Tonic BCR signaling 4. Positive Selection A sense of angst when you have to make major decisions ‐‐ immunology or virology PhD program, grad school or med school. Waking up next to X when you could've been with A, B or C. .. Odin ‐‐ plunge your hands in the water Plunge your hands down to the wrist Stare, stare at the water And think about what you've missed All of this has a relationship to B cell development Perhaps your dad knows a senator in Illinois ‐‐ then you get into U of Illinois. But in this process there is no legacy. You screw up ‐‐ you die. What is commitment? What do we use to say that something is committed? Obligation Following through No turning back ‐‐ irreversible Common lymphoid progenitor (CLP) ‐‐ commits to B cell lineage Need to make B cell receptor ‐‐ Immunoglobulin gene What genes should be turned on to facilitate this process? For D ‐‐‐ >J rearrangement RAG 1, RAG 2, TdT, Ig α , Ig β , VpreB, λ 5 (DNA ligase IV and Artemis are active in all cells) Ig α and β are signaling chains that don't have to be turned on separately
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MCB 169_lecture9-29-09 - Tuesday,September29,2009 10:02AM 1...

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