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MCB 169_CompleteNotes - MCB169 Immunology Sept 3rd Sept 8th...

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Sept 3 rd : Overview: a dangerous world (CMI Ch 1) Sept 8 th : Innate Immunity (CMI Chs 2/3) (CMI Chs 2/3) Sept. 10 th : Innate Immunity and the rules of Adaptive Immunity Sept 15 th : Antibodies and antigens (CMI Ch 4) Sept. 17 th : Antigen receptors (CMI Ch 7) Sept 22 nd : Antigen presentation (CMI Chs 5/6) Sept 24 th : Ig genes and the generation of diversity (CMI Ch 8) Sept 29 th : B cell development and tolerance (CMI Ch 8) Oct 1 st : B cell activation (CMI Ch10) Oct 6 th : Somatic mutation/ isotype switching/peripheral tolerance in B cells (CMI Ch 10) Oct 8 th : T cell development and tolerance (CMI Ch 8) Oct 13 th : T cell activation (CMI Ch 9) Oct 15 th : Mid-term examination Oct. 20 th CMI I: T helper cells and Tregs (CMI Ch 13) Oct 22nd: CMI II: CD8 T cells and NK cells (CMI Ch.13) Oct 27th Effector mechanisms of humoral immunity (CMI Ch 14) Oct 29 th : Lymphocyte homing (CMI Ch 3) Nov 3 rd Apoptosis and immunological memory (CMI Ch 11) (CMI CH. 16) Nov 5 th Blood groups, transplantation, and immunosuppressive therapy (CMI Ch.15) Nov 10 th : An integrated view of the immune response to pathogens Nov 12 th Tolerance and Autoimmunity (CMI Ch. 18) Nov17th Allergies and Immune mediated injury (CMI Ch. 19) (CMI Ch. 17) Nov 19 th New therapeutic approaches to disease and tumor immunology Nov 24 The Immunology of HIV/AIDS (CMI Ch. 20) Dec 1 st Review session Dec 3 rd Primary Immunodeficiency disorders (CMI Ch. 20) Week Week of Assigned Reading 1 9/7/09 Introductory session; no reading assignment activation of adaptive immunity Medzhitov R, et al. Nature. 1997. 388:394-7. 2. 9/14/09 A human homologue of the Drosophila Toll protein signals 3 9/21/09 "In vivo ablation of surface immunoglobulin on mature B cells by inducible gene targeting results in rapid cell death" Lam… Rajewsky, Cell (1997) 90:1073-83 4 9/28/09 "RAG-1 and RAG-2, adjacent genes that synergistically activate V(D)J recombination" Oettinger…Baltimore, Science (1990) 248:1517-23 5 10/05/09 "Isolation of an endogenously processed immunodominant viral peptide from class I H-2Kb molecule" van Bleek & Nathenson, Nature (1990) 348:213-16 6 10/12/09 "Mice lacking H2-M complexes, enigmatic elements of the MHC class II peptide- loading pathway" Miyazaki…Mathis, Cell (1996) 84:521-29 7 10/19/09 "AID mutates E.coli suggesting a DNA deamination mechanism for antibody diversification" Petersen-Mahrt…Neuberger, Nature (2002) 418:99-103z 8 10/26/09 "T cell receptor antagonist peptides induce positive selection" Hogquist…Carbone, Cell (1994) 76:17-27 9 11/02/09 "Tolerance in T cell receptor transgenic mice involves deletion of nonmature CD4 +8+ thymocytes" Kisielow…von Boehmer, Nature (1988) 333:742-46 10 11/9/09 "CD28 and CTLA-4 have opposing effects on the response of T cells to stimulation" Krummel & Allison, J.Exp.Med. (1995) 182:459-65 11 11/16/09 “Interleukin 17-producing CD4+ effector T cells develop 11/29 via a lineage distinct from the T helper type 1 and 2 lineages” MCB 169 ‐ Immunology MCB 169 Page 1
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13 11/30/2009 "Ablation of "tolerance" and induction of diabetes by virus infection in viral antigen transgenic mice" Ohashi…Hengartner, Cell (1991) 65:305-17 The questions on the papers are intended to guide your thinking and approach the papers, as well as provide a basis for discussion. Although answers to the questions
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MCB 169_CompleteNotes - MCB169 Immunology Sept 3rd Sept 8th...

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