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Chapter 01 Quiz

Chapter 01 Quiz - Chapter 01 Quiz Marketing's Value to...

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Chapter 01 Quiz - Marketing's Value to Consumers, Firms, and Society Score: 0% (0 out of 20 correct) 1. According to the text: A. marketing is much more than selling or advertising. B. the cost of marketing is about 25 percent of the consumer's dollar. C. marketing affects every single aspect of your daily life. D. marketing discourages research and innovation. E. all of the above are true statements. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Page: 4 2. Marketing: A. is concerned with need-satisfying goods, but not with services. B. involves an attempt to anticipate customer or client needs. C. is primarily concerned with efficient use of resources and fair allocation of output. D. includes activities such as accounting, production, and financial management. E. is the process of selling and distributing manufactured goods. Feedback: LearnObj: 2 Page: 6 3. Macro-marketing:
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4. Firms that specialize in providing marketing functions other than buying and selling are known as: 5. Which of the following is a true statement?
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