Chapter 07 Quiz

Chapter 07 Quiz - Chapter 07 Quiz - Improving Decisions...

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Chapter 07 Quiz - Improving Decisions with Marketing Information Score: 0% (0 out of 20 correct) 1. Marketing research: A. should be planned by research specialists who understand research techniques better than marketing managers. B. is needed to keep marketing managers in touch with their markets. C. consists mainly of survey design and statistical techniques. D. is only needed by producers who have long channels of distribution. E. All of the above. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Page: 166 2. In small companies, A. there is no need for marketing research. B. there should be a marketing research department--or there will be no one to do marketing research. C. the emphasis of marketing research should be on customer surveys. D. salespeople often do what marketing research gets done. E. there usually isn't enough money for a manager to use a search engine. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Page: 166 3. When getting information for marketing decisions, the marketing manager: A. can benefit from new developments in computer networks and software. B. should have access to ongoing information about business performance. C. may need to make some decisions based on incomplete information. D. All of the above are true. E. None of the above is true. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Pages: 166-168
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4. A complete marketing information system: A. provides a good overall view on many types of problems, but usually cannot provide answers to specific questions. B. eliminates the need for "one-shot" marketing research projects. C. is organized to continually gather data from internal and external sources, including market research studies. D. is usually too complicated for the marketing manager to use without help from data processing specialists. E. All of the above are true. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Page: 167 5. Which of the following statements about marketing information systems is true? A. Marketing information systems are used to gather, access, and analyze data from intracompany sources, while marketing research deals with external sources. B.
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Chapter 07 Quiz - Chapter 07 Quiz - Improving Decisions...

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