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Chapter 13 Quiz

Chapter 13 Quiz - Chapter 13 Quiz to Integrated Marketing...

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Chapter 13 Quiz - Promotion—Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications Score: 0% (0 out of 20 correct) 1. "Promotion" is MAINLY concerned with: A. obtaining a favorable corporate image. B. telling the target market that the right Product is available in the right Place at the right Price. C. obtaining maximum publicity--at the lowest cost. D. informing the public about the firm's offerings to maximize sales. E. getting people to buy a firm's product--even when it isn't needed. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Page: 322 2. Compared with other promotion methods, PERSONAL SELLING: 3. Personal selling is more appropriate than mass selling when:
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4. Sales promotion activities: A. try to stimulate interest, trial, or purchase. B. always involve direct face-to-face communication between sellers and potential customers. C. usually take a long time to implement. D. are usually a good substitute for personal selling and advertising. E. All of the above. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Page: 325
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