Chapter 14 Quiz

Chapter 14 Quiz - Chapter 14 Quiz Personal Selling and...

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Chapter 14 Quiz - Personal Selling and Customer Service Score: 0% (0 out of 20 correct) 1. A professional salesperson: A. may negotiate prices or diagnose technical problems when a product doesn't work well. B. doesn't try to "sell" customers, but rather tries to help them satisfy their needs. C. is a representative of the whole company. D. is responsible for feeding back information about customers and competitors. E. All of the above. Feedback: LearnObj: 1 Pages: 351-352 2. Which of the following is an accurate description of the sales task listed? A. Supporting: routinely completing sales made regularly to target customers. B. Order getting: confidently seeking possible buyers with a well-organized sales presentation designed to sell a good, service, or idea. C. Order taking: developing goodwill, stimulating demand, explaining technical aspects of product, training the intermediary's salespeople, and performing other specialized services aimed at obtaining sales in the long run. D. All of the above are correct. E. None of the above is correct. Feedback: LearnObj: 2 Page: 353 3. Order-getting salespeople would be required for which one of the following jobs? A. Helping a buyer plan and install a computer and software for use as a website server. B. Helping drug retailers figure out better ways to display and promote their products. C. Seeking orders from supermarket buyers for a new brand of high protein diet supplement that has been added to the company's line.
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D. "Helping" an indecisive consumer in a supermarket select the kind of meat she should buy for dinner. E. Handling a complaint from a furniture store about a shipment that is late. Feedback: LearnObj: 2 Pages: 353-354 4. Which of the following types of salespeople is essential for selling installations to producers? A. Order takers B. Missionary salespeople C. Customer service reps D. Order getters E. Technical specialists Feedback: LearnObj: 2 Page: 353 5. Chemco, Inc., a three-year-old producer of chemicals, has just hired a manufacturers' agent. The agent A. is probably replacing a company order getter who built up the territory. B.
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Chapter 14 Quiz - Chapter 14 Quiz Personal Selling and...

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