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Final Review - 1 Ethnography TO describe or write about...

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1 Ethnography TO describe or write about people and their social and cultural life Ethnographic research or fieldwork is aimed at descriptive analysis 2 Emic Seeing something from a nativ'es point of view-the viewpoint and understanding of an insider 3 Etic Seeing something from a non-native point of view-the viewpoint and understanding of an outsider 4 Culture 2 definitions #1 The culture of a group consists of shared socially learned knowledge and patterns of conduct #2 refers to the symbolic resources and practices that people use to bring meaning and significance to their social and political-economic existence 5 The "modern world system" Capitalism Improved communications and transport Industrial-technical expansion Rise of nation-states and overseas colonies Population growth and movement Widening differences in wealth and consumption 6 Globalization Develop or be developed so as to make possible international influence or operation 7 Linguistic relativity Speakers of different languages are led by these languages to different ways of understanding and living in the world 8 Conceptual relativity Color and space terminologies Difference between the Daa'ni-two color concepts
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Sulawace- 5 Color concepts Different conceptual concepts If all of our thoughts were natural, language would just be labels, conceptually some words aren't the same 9 Multilingualism Using several languages 10 Monolingualism A person who speaks only one language 11 Sapire-Whorf Hypothesis The language you speak gives you primary beliefs in the world Different languages carve up different reality Vary do to different sounds and tale telling 12 Berlin-Kay color study A cross cultural look at basic color categories 13 Phoneme Insiders point of view DOn't distinguish between different sounds to us mean diffeernt things ear trained by emic point of view 14 Phonetic Outsiders point of view don't know 15 speech economies The exchange or traffic in speech resources Resources, movement of goods 16 Guugu Yimidhirr concepts of space They use geographic N, S, E, W to tell you where you are instead of left right front back 17 Guugu Yimidhirr language taboos Tabbo on males speaking with motherin-in-law
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Final Review - 1 Ethnography TO describe or write about...

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