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David Alvarez AMH 2041, Maxwell March 26, 2009 Image Analysis: Jim Crow Cartoons Racial cartoons were a common sighting throughout the 1800’s. Cartoons were a way of expressing their views and perspectives on the African-Americans. “The Life in Philadelphia” cartoon is particularly interesting, because it is a very good example of the types of cartoons throughout the century. For instance, the language in the subtitles is how the whites thought the African-Americans spoke. You can understand what is trying to be said, but it is written in a way that still pokes fun at the blacks. The male in this cartoon has some exaggerated features that other males in other cartoons share. An example would be the very large lips. In all the cartoons both male and female characters
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Unformatted text preview: have emphasized lips. They are also depicted in a weird and humorous stance. All the different aspects, the stance, the exaggerated features, and the dialogue, all reinforce the stereotypes of the era. These cartoons were a way of depicting these stereotypes in a humorous fashion. In the cartoon of the celebration of the abolition of the slave trade, some of the faces of the African-Americans didn’t even look human. The cartoonist distorted their faces in awkward ways. I think the African-Americans did not react well with these cartoons for obvious reasons. The cartoons were very racist and exaggerated and it was not how the Africans acted at the time....
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