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David Alvarez November 22, 2009 ENC 1102, Gillette Bioethics Bioethics is the study of how ethics is applied to different biological and medical procedures. For many years, the topic of bioethics has been on the center of minds of many people throughout the country. Bioethics has caused a lot of controversy between different people who have different opinions about the way human life should be dealt with. Nowadays, with technology growing at such a rapid rate, there are even new matters to deal with in the bioethics field. Many cases have gone by that have caused a lot of controversy, which has sparked the debate over bioethics. One of the most famous subtopics about bioethics is abortion. For centuries, abortion has been a heated topic among all peoples. Ever since abortions have been performed in the United States, they have been protested and debated by many. Both sides of the issue have been sharply disputed to no success. One of the most famous abortion cases is that of Roe vs. Wade. It was the very case that made abortion laws what they are today. In 1973, abortion was legalized under the constitutional right to privacy. Everyone has his or her own view towards abortion, mostly being pro-life or pro-choice. There are anti-abortion groups that carry out their message, some even in violent ways. There have been many cases of clinic bombings and murders of abortionists. Since 1984, there have been over 200 incidents where this has happened. Nearly half the women in the United States will have an abortion during her reproductive years. Seventy percent of these women intend to have children sometime in the future. Among those having abortions, three quarters of them are "not ready to have a child", two-thirds "cannot
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afford it", and half "do not want to be a single parent"( Abortions have been in an out of courts, and there does not seem to be an end soon.
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Bioethics Research Paper - David Alvarez ENC 1102 Gillette...

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