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Ethics and International Relations Political Science 363/Philosophy 363 Paper Due: April 5. Please submit your answer to Turn-It In. (Details on the course website.) Late Papers will be penalized one/third of a grade a day. Answer One of the following questions. No answer can exceed 1000 words. 1. Kant and Mill disagree on the circumstances under which military intervention is desirable. What is the nature of this disagreement? Can their arguments withstand the critique of a realist? In answering this question, discuss with reference to two of the
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Unformatted text preview: following recent interventions/non-interventions (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria) 2. Alan Dershowitz and Jeremy Waldron disagree about torture and/or terrorism. Why? Who in your view is right? Why? (You need only discuss torture or terrorism). 3. Both torture and terrorism are appraisive terms. Is there a neutral definition of these terms? 4. What is Spielberg trying to say about terrorism in the movie Munich. Is he successful?...
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