Exam 2_spring2008 - ll r ? ll,l e l-l-\ MIDTERM 2 MAR 3023...

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ll r ? e ll,l l-l-\ MAR 3023 MIDTERM 2 FORM D SPRING 2OO8 The exam answer key will be posted on the course website tonight by 10:30 p.m. and e- mailed to the course e-mail list. You may appeal no more than two questions. Appeals must be addressed to <[email protected]>. lmportant: Identify the Form code and question number and provide a page number from the text or notes to support your appeal. Unsupported appeals will not be considered. One question per email. please. Appeals must be received by 3:00 p.m. . Tuesday. March 4, to be considered. Responses to appeals will be posted on the course website and sent to the course e-mail list. Any questions for which an appeal is accepted will be re-scored for the entire class, not just those who appeal it. 1. Amanda has created her own candy business called Link's Treats. Amanda sells many different types of delicious candies. Some of the treats that Amanda sells are called Jawpoppers, ChocoEats, hnd Gummi Sharks. Within the tlpe of candy called Jawpoppers, there are Chewable Jawpoppers, Neverending Jawpoppers, and Sour Jawpoppers. Jawpoppers is a and Chewable Jawpoppers is a -tr (A)) Product Line: Product Item B) Product Item; Product Line C) Product Category; Product Item D) Product Mix; Product Item E) Product Category; Product Line 2. Andres works in a factory where he has to lift boxes all day. Recently, he hurt his back and had to stop working. Mary, one of his friends, recommended that he try Dream Spa, a spa located in their town. She went there to relax before her exams and was delighted by the massages she received as well as the professionalism and empathy of the personnel there. Andres decided to make an appointment for a massage. However, Andres did not enjoy his massage and thought the employees at the spa seemed weird and "cold". Which type of properties caused the difference between Andres'and Mary's eyaluations of Dream Spa? z-: ( 4l Experience properti es B) Practice properties C) Credibilityproperties D) Search properties E) Credence properties Version 4 Page 2
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3. A written statement of manufacturer warrantY. liability for product quality is called a(n) A) strict-liabilitY B) insurance ,4 q!) express D) implied E) functional 4. A number of years ago Pok6mon was the hottest name in toys, but as other more high- tech toys appeared on the market, the popularity of Pok6mon waned as did its sales. Some toy experts predict Pok6mon will soon be only a memory for toy retailers' _$k6mon is in the stage of its product life cycle' ( A)) decline -Bf maturitv C) harvest D) decay E) decommerciabzation 5. Lee needs to take his car to the Volvo dealership to schedule some minor maintenance work. He asks his girlfriend to follow in her car so he doesn't have to sit and wait for his car to be worked on. But, to his surprise, the lady at Volvo informs him that they will be happy to give him a free "loaner" car while his is in the shop. What type of retail service is this? A)
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Exam 2_spring2008 - ll r ? ll,l e l-l-\ MIDTERM 2 MAR 3023...

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