shot by shot analysis of Moulin rouge

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shot by shot analysis of Moulin rouge.: shot 1: satin believes Christian is a duke and Christian believes he there for a book . chritian I s already in love with satin while Christian isn't . in this scene satin is on the bed trying to act seductively . camera low angle on her. close range. and around sex seconds. shot 2: Christian is a bit disgusted how satin is acting but still in loved . so he turns his back begins singing then turns around still singing. it is close range . angle shot is upward giving the illusion that we are satin eyes. the shot is around 12 second. shot 3: satin now not acting seducible but with her eyes wide open as if she's surprised. close range . angle shot is down ward as if we are now looking at her with Christian eyes it is also moving closer away from her body that is dressed loosely showing her face instead of her body giving us an image as if satin is not just a sex object . 27 seconds. shot 4: Christian Is still singing .close range. camera pointed upwards
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