editing and sound - editing and sound Once the story is...

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editing and sound Once the story is captured on film in the shooting process, it is time to edit the shots together and construct a soundscape. Editing Transitions: The method by which one shot gives way to another. Includes: Cut Dissolve Fade Wipe Iris One central question an editor must resolve is whether the film will follow principles of continuity or discontinuity, or a mix of both. Continuity editing: An approach editing that puts story ahead of style. Continuity seeks to avoid disruption in time and space by minimizing the noticeable effects of editing. Part of the Invisible style approach of most Hollywood films Preserving a clear continuity: Establish location Maintain relationships between objects and people Maintain narrative flow Do not reuse shots Matching atmosphere from shot to shot Images should be symmetrical / balanced Rhythm should be justified by story/ action Essentially, continuity editing strives to maintain a logical relationship between time and space - If a character walks out the front door in one shot, we should see where they logically could or would be in the next shot.
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Discontinuity editing Basically ignores the rules of continuity editing. More concerned with creating mood, theme, psychology, emotion, or plot than trying to hide the edit. Continuity editing is an ordered approach to create consistency? discontinuity is more like poetry in a sense, preoccupied with feeling and sensation, not logic. Non Linear style - An approach to filmmaking in which the normal laws of Time
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editing and sound - editing and sound Once the story is...

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