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John Pandol Judge Dee The difficulty of effectively governing the vast regions China under one empire has been an issue throughout the nation’s long history. Chinese emperors wanted to enforce their will throughout the empire, but the size of the empire made this difficult. China’s bureaucracy was a successful structure to govern the nation from the imperial palace. The cost and size this massive bureaucracy was too great for it to be effective. Some level of local autonomy had to be granted, while maintaining centralized control. Emperor Taizu (1328-1398) developed a system that decreased the size of the central government, while maintaining control. He was an autocratic emperor who believed in absolute loyalty to your superiors. He was a good emperor who zealously wanted to create a world where justice was administered for all. He redistributed the burden of taxes off of the rich and onto the poor. He gave land for army families to cultivate, diminishing the need to pay them. At the local level, wealthy families were given the responsibility to do low-level police, judicial, and tax-collecting duties (Cambridge p192). But the emperor wanted to make sure these villiages were run in accordance with his wishes; so an imperial magistrate would oversee several villiages, and a governor would oversee several magistrates and so on. This village service system was a key reform in China’s political organization. This pyramid structure of government, though it solved many problems, created many new ones. First, the lack of
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hist 106 judge dee paper - John Pandol Judge Dee The...

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