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Communications 101 Dr. Dow Fall 2011 Essay # 1, “The Theme Song of Your Life” Why this topic? My intention with this first writing assignment is to get us all started writing about something we are very comfortable with, something we enjoy and can write about fairly easily. So, rather than begin with a lengthy research essay on legalizing marijuana (ugh!), I thought we would start with some music. I don’t know anyone who truly hates all music, so it seems a pretty safe bet that you all have at least one song that seems to “speak to you.” When you hear this song, you can’t help but think that the song is about you. How did they know? As much as I’d like to think that John Mayer wrote “Say” about me (because, I am, after all, just that important), my guess is that his song is speaking to a common struggle that we face as people in a world where we often feel that we can’t speak our minds for a variety of reasons, many of which are related to fear or a lack of confidence.
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Unformatted text preview: Okay, so now what? We will workshop this essay over the next few class meetings, and in the end, you will need to submit a revised, polished essay that is two pages long (typed, double-spaced, normal margins and font size) focused on the song you have chosen and the reasons it is your theme song at this moment in your life. Your support should come from your life experience and the song itself. During our drafting process, well talk about ways to quote song lyrics. When is all this going to happen? Thursday, August 25 Begin Theme Song Project Tuesday, August 30 Preliminary Thesis Statement/Rough Outline Due Thursday, September 1 Draft Due Tuesday, September 6 Revised Final Draft Due (at the beginning of class) A few extra things Please be sure to include your name, COM 101-044, my name, and the date in the upper left-hand corner of your first page. You are already a writer, so you can do this. Im here to help....
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