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com 101 haiku_assignment_fall 11

com 101 haiku_assignment_fall 11 - Or is it “The brevity...

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Communications 101 Dr. Dow Fall 2011 Haiku Project Why haiku? In The Haiku Handbook , Higginson and Harter suggest, “Being small, haiku lend themselves especially to sharing small, intimate things. By recognizing the intimate things that touch us we come to know and appreciate ourselves and our world more. By sharing these things with others we let them into our lives in a very special, personal way” (6). Though scholars offer much more sophisticated definitions and illustrations of this refined art form, for our purposes, a simple understanding of the art form and structure will suffice: haiku are short poems consisting of three lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively. Your haiku then should total seventeen syllables. That I am asking you to express yourself in this pared down manner should not surprise you. After all, you have been consistently capturing the essence of your longer essays in “one word” all semester long. Your haiku is more than one word, but truly not much more.
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Unformatted text preview: Or, is it? “The brevity of haiku forces a deeper, more disciplined approach to language than any other kind of writing” (Higginson & Harter 120). Okay, so now what? For this penultimate project, reflecting on your essays in this course to this point as well as your growth as a writer, an individual, and a citizen of the world, you will write a haiku that captures the essence (the kokoro, or heart) of who you are in this moment. Your haiku will be accompanied by a two-page essay explaining your poem as well as its significance. When is all this going to happen? Tuesday, November 22 Begin Haiku Project Tuesday, November 29 Workshop Haiku Project Thursday, December 1 Meet in Oremus Theater (1 st floor, FPAC) Tuesday, December 6 Final Draft Due (Haiku + 2-page essay) A few extra things … • Please be sure to include your name, COM 101-044, my name, and the date in the upper left-hand corner of your first page. • You are already a writer, so you can do this. • I’m here to help....
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