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Com 101 photo focus - Communications 101(Dr Dow Essay 2 “Photo Focus” Revision Workshop 2 Here’s a quick reminder of the assignment In the

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Unformatted text preview: Communications 101 (Dr. Dow) Essay # 2, “Photo Focus” Revision Workshop # 2 Here’s a quick reminder of the assignment: In the end, you will need to submit a revised, polished essay that is three-four pages long (typed, double-spaced, “normal” margins and font size) focused on the dominant impression of the photo you have chosen. Your support should come from your life experience and the “moment” or “event” related to the photo itself. Today’s workshop is focused on three issues: topic sentences, concrete support, and a few final edits. Topic Sentences : 1- Do you begin each supporting paragraph with a focused topic sentence that both expresses the main point of that paragraph and creates a connection between that paragraph and your thesis or main point? 2- Remember that these anchor sentences serve as the framework to support the details and examples that you include in each body paragraph....
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