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Literature 225—Shakespeare Dr. Dow The Merchant of Venice Paper # 2 As stated in the course syllabus, each student is responsible for writing a 4-6 page literary analysis paper about some aspect of the following three plays: The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice, and Othello . Students may choose their own approach to the plays or work with one of the concepts raised in the weekly discussion board prompt. Papers must be focused on a central idea, this focus must be clearly stated in a thesis statement, and the thesis must be supported with both the student’s analysis of the play and quotations from the primary text. Please avoid lengthy plot summaries. One common way to cite quoted passages from Shakespeare’s plays follows an act, scene, line format. For example, following a passage from Act II, Scene II, lines 10-16 of Othello , you would include the following in-text citation: (II.ii.10-16) or (2.2.10-16).
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Unformatted text preview: You don’t need to repeat the words act, scene, or lines in your citation. The most important thing here is to be consistent. Here are two topics you could explore in this essay: • Shylock is a complex character. There are times when we feel for him, but it is still difficult to relate to the depth of his hatred for Antonio that he reveals in the famous courtroom scene. Are his feelings and need for revenge justified, or is he ultimately the play’s villain? • If you are feeling a bit more creative, feel free to write a brief sequel. Try to imagine the play’s main characters ten years after the action of the play has ended. These are merely suggestions. My hope is that your experience of the play triggers a response from you and you choose to write about that point of interest. As noted in the course calendar, Paper # 2 is due on Wednesday, February 29, 2012....
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