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Literature 225 Dr. Dow The Merchant of Venice Discussion Questions 1. In light of Shylock’s experiences in the play, can the play overall be seen as an examination of prejudice and a satire on greed and intolerance? 2. For an Elizabethan audience, would “cutting off” a man’s flesh be associated with his heart, especially when it is a Jew who is cutting off this part of a Christian? Are there perhaps some deeply rooted cultural anxieties about Jews that may be
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Unformatted text preview: resonating here with Shakespeare’s predominantly Christian early modern audience? 3. If Shylock is the villain of this play, is Antonio, as the play’s title suggests, the play’s hero? 4. How would you characterize the two worlds of Venice and Belmont? 5. What connections/parallels do you see in Kate and Portia?...
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