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Literature 225 Dr. Dow Discussion Questions— The Taming of the Shrew From one perspective, The Taming of the Shrew can be seen as a play about acting. As you read the play, watch for the different levels of acting and the different purposes for which acting is used. 1. In Induction 1 and Induction 2, scenes often cut in performance, servants to a nobleman put on a show for Sly, pretending that he is noble. At the same time, an acting troupe performs a show for Sly and his hosts: a “dream” in which Kate is tamed by Petruchio. How do both of these “plays” affect Sly? Why does Shakespeare choose to have this company of actors put on The Taming of the Shrew for Sly, a lower class tinker, who has been tricked into believing he is a lord? How does the content of the play ( Shrew ) relate to Sly and his situation in the Induction? Why does Shakespeare want us to see this? 2. Look at the relationships between masters and servants—Tranio and Lucentio in 1.1, and Petruchio and Grumio in 1.2.
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