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The Persuasive Speech sheet - references This is due at the...

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The Persuasive Speech Speech Fundamentals Com 103/Ramicone Purpose: To create, reinforce, or change people’s beliefs or actions (see Chapter 15 and 16). Time: 7-9 minutes (must stay within time limit) Requirements: A typed introduction and conclusion (see Chapter 9); typed preparation speech outline (see Chapter 10); speaker’s outline; typed bibliography with three to five references (see Chapters 6, 7 and CD ROM section “Bibliography Formats”). The references must be mentioned in the oral presentation of your speech. These items are due at the time of your speech. You will be required to submit an audience analysis questionnaire and resulting audience profile for your speech (pp 127-130). Your questionnaire/audience analysis may be used as one of your
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Unformatted text preview: references. This is due at the time of your speech. The key to a strong persuasive speech is to anticipate your target audience’s objections and address those objections in your speech. You should be able to identify your audience’s objections when you survey your classmates with your questionnaire. How well you address these objections will be considered in your speech grade. You will be recorded and required to complete a self-evaluation, one that evaluates your delivery as well as your speech organization (i.e. introduction, main points, supporting evidence, and conclusion). Total Points: -Speech 70 points-Two outlines and bibliography 15 points-Audience questionnaire and analysis 10 points-Self-evaluation 5 points...
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