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The Audio-Visual Informative Speech Speech Fundamentals Com 103 Purpose: To teach, to secure understanding. Think of yourself as the teacher and your classmates as your students (see Chapter 14). Time: 5 minutes (must stay within time limit) Requirements: At least one visual aid (see Chapter 13); typed introduction and conclusion (see Chapter 9); typed outline (see Chapter 10); typed bibliography with at least three references (see Chapters 6, 7 and CD ROM section “Bibliography Formats”). These items are due at the time of your speech. You will be recorded and required to complete a self-evaluation, one that evaluates your delivery as well as your speech organization (i.e. introduction, main points, supporting evidence, and conclusion).
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Unformatted text preview: Self-evaluations of the videotape are due one week from when you give your speech. Failure to turn evaluations in by this date will result in a lower grade. Your speech will be judged in light of three general criteria. Is the information presented accurately ? Is the information presented clearly ? Is the information made meaningful and interesting to the audience (audience centered)? These are six tips to help make your speech a success: Don’t overestimate what your audience knows. Relate the subject directly to the audience. Don’t be too technical. Avoid abstractions. Personalize your ideas. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Total Points: -Speech 70 points-Typed outlines 20 points-Bibliography 5 points-Self Evaluation 5 points...
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