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COM 102 Topic Proposal Assignment - Spring 2012 MVCC

COM 102 Topic Proposal Assignment - Spring 2012 MVCC - that...

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Over the next couple of weeks, you will be working on a number of steps leading up to  the completion of the final research paper.  Over the next week, you should be doing some  exploratory research and deciding upon a topic.  Pick a topic that both relates to the theme of the  class – nature/ the environment/ humans’ relationship to the natural world – a nd  interests you  enough to be able to concentrate on it for the next several weeks.  Once you have chosen a topic,  you will want to type up a  brief , two-paragraph research proposal, which you will submit to me  Monday, the 27 th  of February.  (The purpose of having you do this is, mainly, so that I can ensure 
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Unformatted text preview: that no one is choosing too broad of a topic, or picking a topic that is too difficult to research.) After choosing a topic, you will want to do some (more) research on your topic (both in and out of class), and then come up with a substantial research question that (obviously) relates to your topic. Coming up with a solid research question will aid you in the formation of a thesis statement. Having a working thesis statement will lead your research to become more directed. Find multiple sources; you will need to incorporate at least six different sources into the final draft of your research paper....
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