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Rhetorical Analysis Assignment For your second critical writing assignment, you will be composing a two page (typed, double- spaced) rhetorical analysis essay using as your source material any four of the essays we will be reading in Natural Acts (Walker, Singer, Sabin, or Carlson) in the coming weeks. The writing of a rhetorical analysis essay might at first seem like a daunting task, but in reality it is a relatively simple process. A rhetorical analysis examines the ideas but particularly the language and context and ideology of a written work and seeks to prove a position through persuasive strategies. You will want to write a paper in which you respond to (not merely summarize!) the
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Unformatted text preview: ideas and language and context of the source material (essay) you have chosen to work with. The writing will require the integration of a short summary with your argument; this is the hard part because it demands the logical presentation of the ideas of the source material and the integration of your own argument(s). But, do not be discouraged, as I will be distributing a sheet with further instructions in an upcoming class. Please, when writing this essay, pay attention to idea clarity, organization, grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation. This assignment will not be due until Monday, the 19 th of March, but get started early! (Do not wait until the last minute.)...
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