COM 102 Critical Essay 1 - MVCC Spring 2012

COM 102 Critical Essay 1 - MVCC Spring 2012 - idea (core...

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First Critical Essay For your first formal writing assignment, you will be composing a one-and-a-half to two page (typed, double-spaced) essay that focuses on one of the first five class readings in Natural Acts (Dillard, Thoreau, Aronson, Oates, or Wilson). Focus on one or two major themes (dominant ideas, messages, morals) within the chosen essay, and then construct a thesis (a central argument), which you will develop and use to guide your piece. Organize your essay logically presenting your ideas within three or four paragraphs. Typically, you want to state your thesis at the relative outset of the essay (within the first paragraph) and then develop it within the next few paragraphs. You will be evaluated on four major components: how well you get your main
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Unformatted text preview: idea (core argument across to the reader), how well you develop your main idea (thesis), how well you organize your paper, and how well you construct sentences free of grammatical mistakes. This should be a relatively simple process. Think hard about the subject matter but do not make the paper into a huge ordeal. Remember the basics. Express a position on the material and then develop that position. Good luck! This assignment will be due Monday, the 13 th of February. As I have extended the deadline for this paper, NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED IN THIS INSTANCE! (Also, no e-mailed papers will be accepted.) Thank you....
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