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Tae musc422 notes - MUSC422 Notes John Winston Lennon Oct 9...

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MUSC422 Notes 1/9/12 John Winston Lennon – Oct. 9, 1940 Julia Stanley, Fred Lennon – parents Mimi and George Smith (Aunt and uncle) owned a dairy and raised John as parental guardians Strawberry Fields – Salvation Army Hostel At Quarrybank, John started his first band “The Quarrymen” John’s mom run over by a drunk policeman, but the only witness was a teenager which weren’t considered witnesses at the time so he got away. John never got over the death of his mother. Important story: John’s dad came back when he was five and his parents fought over custody of John. Eventually they told John to decide between the two of them and John, being excited, chose his dad, but as he was walking away with his dad, he realized he was walking away with a stranger and so ran back. Though John was raised by aunt, during his teen years, he became good friends with his mom. Paul McCartney – June 18, 1942 Mother – Mary died of breast cancer, which gave John and Paul a similarity to be friends over “Let it be” – song about his mom saying, “its okay” George Harrison – Feb. 25, 1943, making him the youngest of the Beatles Mother – Louise – cool mother that supported the band 1956 – 3 influences 1. Skiffle fad – Lonnie Donegan – hit song “Rock Island Line” often considered to be the Skiffle Anthem 2. American movie “Blackboard Jungle” – title song “Rock around the clock” – Bill Haley and the Comets. When kids heard this song, they went crazy, broke everything in the theaters, ripping seats, etc. 3. “Heartbreak Hotel” – Elvis Presley Though Mimi was against John going into music, she bought him his first guitar for 17lbs. Paul’s first guitar was 15lbs George’s first guitar was 3lbs Cynthia Powell met John at 1958 at Liverpool Art College Stu Sutcliffe – joined John’s band, was 19 and an art student Won 65 pounds in a painting competition and bought a bass with it. Didn’t know how to play, but looked like James Dean. John’s band started as “The Quarrymen” then “Johnnie and the Moondogs” and finally Stu suggested “Beetles” because insect names were ‘in’ at the time, but John changed it to “Beatles” for the beat pun. One day a man named Raymond Jones walked into a record store owned by Brian Epstein who was homosexual and asked for “My Bonnie” by Beatles “My Bonnie” was actually by Tony Sheridan who asked Beatles to be a backup band for him in exchange for studio time. So full name of record is “My Bonnie” by Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers (Beatles wanted to use this name) Pete Best – drummer Bside – “When the Saints go Marching In” Polydor – “The Early Tapes of the Beatles” “Cry for a shadow” – Harrison and Lennon
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“Tax Man” “Ain’t she sweet” – cover by John Epstein saw the Beatles playing at The Cavern . He ordered 200 copies of “My Bonnie”. He then proceeds to be Beatle’s manager for 25 percent of their proceeds, Beatles signed a contract on it. There were many problems with this contract: Epstein didn’t sign it, Paul and George were
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Tae musc422 notes - MUSC422 Notes John Winston Lennon Oct 9...

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