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Lecture HS11: Semiconductor nanostructures . Date No. Topics Lecture Exercise Class . 21 Sep 1 Chap. 1: Introduction and overview; Thomas Nikola 28 Sep 2 Chap. 2: Semicond crystals, structure, wafer fabrication, MBE Chap. 3.1: Band structure (repetition from solid state physics) Nikola Pascher Nikola 5 Oct 3 Chap. 3.2–3.8: SOI, examples of band structures, k.p-theory, eff. mass, eff. g- factor; density of states Thomas Nikola 12 Oct 4 Chap. 4: Envelope-functions and eff. mass Schrödinger equation Chap. 5: Heterostructures: band engineering, doping Clemens Rössler Nikola 19 Oct 5 Chap. 5: Surfaces, ohmic contacts, Schottky gates Chap. 6: Fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures, graphene, CNTs Thomas Nikola 26 Oct 6 Chap. 7: Electrostatics of semiconductor nanostructures Chap. 8: Quantum mechanics of
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