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6517A-910-01 Rev. A / 9-02 Procedure to Properly Zero the Model 6517A Release Notes Keithley Instruments, Inc. 28775 Aurora Road Cleveland, Ohio 44139 (440) 248-0400 www.keithley.com Introduction The following is the recommended procedure for completely zeroing the Model 6517A. Applies to: Model 6517A Electrometer User’s Manual and Getting Started Manual. Substitute the following para- graphs for those in the 6517A User’s Manual and the Getting Started Manual. 2.13.3 Zero correct The Z-CHK and REL keys work together to cancel (zero correct) any internal offsets that might upset accuracy for volts and amps measurements. Perform the following steps to zero correct the volts or amps function: 1. Select the V or I function. 2. Press Z-CHK to enable Zero Check. 3. Select the range that will be used for the measurement. 4. Press REL to zero correct the instrument (REL indicator will be lit and "Zcor" displayed). NOTE For the volts function, the "Zcor" message will not be displayed if guard was already
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Unformatted text preview: enabled ("Grd" displayed). 5. Press Z-CHK to disable zero check. 6. Readings can now be taken in the normal manner. Note that the instrument will remain zeroed even if the instrument is upranged. If downranged, re-zero the instrument. To disable zero correct, press REL with zero check enabled. 2.13.4 "Properly zeroed" (as defned For instrument specifcations) For taking measurements "when properly zeroed", per instrument speci±cations: 1. Perform the zero correct procedure described in section 2.13.3. 2. Provide a zero input from a calibration source, or short leads in V function, open leads in I function. 3. Press REL to null remaining measurement offsets. 4. Readings can now be taken in the normal manner. (REL indicator will remain on.) NOTE Repeat steps 1-4 whenever the measurement range is changed. To disable REL mode, press REL with zero check not enabled. NOTE These release notes are issued with C03 but are valid for all versions of ±rmware....
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