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Politics- Assignment 2 - Emma Cooper POL1004 Introduction...

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Emma Cooper Words: 300 POL1004: Introduction to Politics, Tutorial #07 26 February 2012 Assignment #02 How does Max Weber characterise legitimacy and why do we have an obligation to obey the laws of the state? Max Weber characterises legitimacy by classifying three ‘systems of domination’ and then decides how that system grants authority (Heywood, 2002: 194). Once the ruled have agreed that the state is legitimate, they accept its authority and agree to obey the laws of the state. Government may be seen as legitimate because it has traditional authority. This means that people believe in a certain political order as it is seen as sacred (Peter, 2010). The political order based on traditions is accepted as it has been tried and tested by society (Heywood, 2002: 194). The subordinates under traditional authority are generally compelled to the state by loyalty (Blau, 1963: 308). On the other hand people believe in and obey government as the leader has charismatic authority.
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