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MT450-Unit 6 Team Assignment- Team A

MT450-Unit 6 Team Assignment- Team A - The 2012 Marketing...

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The 2012 Marketing Plan for Sanctuary of Peace seeks to increase the customer base to increase revenues. The goal to increase revenues, thus increase profits will allow for company growth and expansion. Within the next two to three years, the targeted goal is to expand to three physical locations, and add another two mobile units—by 2015. This targeted increase is seen as attainable through improved pricing and methods of promotion. The goal is, through these methods, 10% of the gain in customers will come from competition in the market, and another 20-25% will come from first time customers to the massage market. Current Marketing Situation: Sanctuary of Peace’s current customer base equates to approximately 250 customers per day. These are customers to the physical location and the mobile unit. There are two massage parlors/spas within a 10 mile radius of Sanctuary of Peace’s physical location. Our current pricing is a decrease at approximately 3-5% of their pricing.
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